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Children's Mental Health Week

Spread a Little Kindness 6th - 12th February
Last term we did some activities about anti-bullying.
Bullying worries lots of children and makes them feel sad and angry.
We want every class to join us to stop bullying and spread KINDNESS.
This is what we are going to do….
Well-being Wellies
•Every class will be given a Well-being Welly
•We want you to decorate your welly. The theme is Happiness and Kindness.
•There will be a class prize for the best decorated welly.

Rulers and Stickers
•We want to collect money in the Well-being Wellies.
•You can buy a Power for Good ruler from your teacher for 50p.
•Everyone who brings some change to put in the Welly will have a Power for Good sticker.
•There will be a prize for the class that collects the most money.

Spread some Kindness
•The money collected will be used to buy Buddy Benches and Buddy Stops for our playgrounds.
•We will also buy some craft activities for the playground.
•We want to set up Buddy Clubs once a week at lunchtime where pupils can do craft activities if they want to.

What about the Wellies?
We want you to use your wellies to spread kindness.
•You can write nice things about each other.
•You can write a thank you to someone who has been kind.
•You can write about something that is making you sad or worried if you want someone to help you.
•Your Class Rep can read them out every week.

Class 2T do this already...
This is what they told us on our Blog….
In class we have friendship Friday every week where we choose a name of someone in our class in secret and we are kind and helpful towards them all day. We have also started a compliments box in class where we write kind things about each other. This makes us very happy and we have learnt how kind words make other people feel better.

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Spread a little kindness letter 2017

Letter to Parents & Carers
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